Graphic Design


This illustration and logo was created for print, in the image of a little clay pug figurine.

Norrköping Landscape

These illustrations were used as background images for a web-based application.

Team Logos

I had the pleasure of creating logos for four teams in the R&D department at Phoniro. They all provided short design briefs and then gave me free hands to do whatever.

Team Atlantis wanted their logo to reference the Atlantis in both Stargate and the Disney movie.

Team Paragon could not unite around a vision, so they sent a list of items to be featured in the logo.

Team Heimdall wanted their team logo to be a nod to the Norse god Heimdall, and reflect quality, stability and attentiveness to detail.

The helmet was inspired by Marvel's Heimdall and simplified to its base shapes.

Team G.O.A.T. provided this brief: A goat that thinks it is better than everyone else. Cute but maybe also a little dangerous.

Nobody asked for this.

Choir Concert Poster

An A3 poster for a concert by the choir LiHtösen at Linköping University. The design brief was to emphasize the pink color profile of the choir and illustrate the program outline, which was a musical journey of 60 years.